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NewsAI is an AI-powered tool that provides personalized news summaries to help users stay informed about topics that matter to them. Users can choose their areas of interest, including politics, business, and technology, and receive concise and easy-to-read news summaries tailored to their preferences.

Instead of wasting time scrolling through numerous articles, NewsAI delivers daily summaries that capture the essential information from the most popular news stories in the user's chosen field.

With a customizable newsletter, users can determine how often they receive their personalized news updates, allowing them to stay in control of their news consumption.

This ensures that users only receive news that is relevant to their interests and avoids inundating them with stories they don't care about. NewsAI aims to simplify the process of accessing news by providing a streamlined and personalized experience.

By leveraging AI technology, it delivers daily insights straight to the user's inbox, saving them time and effort. Built by Christian Esmann, NewsAI is also available on Substack and Spotify.

Users can subscribe to NewsAI to enjoy a smarter and more personalized news experience tailored specifically to their preferences. The tool's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available for reference.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized news summaries
Topic customization option
Concise news presentation
Avoids redundant news
Customizable newsletter frequency
Inbox delivery of news
Saves user's time
Available on Spotify
Available on Substack
Privacy Policy transparency
Terms of Use availability
Unlimited news summaries
Tailored news option
Daily insights delivery


No offline availability
Limited topic selection
No multiple language support
Summaries might miss details
No mobile app
No news source selection
Only email delivery
Unspecified update frequency
No user community interaction

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