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Automated AI chat assistants that learn your website and documents.
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Nexai is an AI-powered platform that offers live support functionalities through its smart AI assistants. It allows for the seamless integration of automated chat assistants enhanced with AI Semantic Search, designed to learn and understand your website and provided documents.

The AI assistants used in Nexai include GPT3, GPT4, Mistral, and Llama (LLMs). Nexai encompasses various useful tools including a dashboard that provides insights into visitor queries and resolutions.

There's an option to customize its UI through the open source Nexai React UI Library, which allows for the construction of AI components. In addition to this, Nexai provides a knowledge base capability wherein you can add your website or upload documents which Nexai then connects to an AI-predicted set of questions and answers, chat simulations, and search phrases.

This feature can be employed for both internal use within your company or for external customers to automate the understanding of your information. The knowledge base service is exposed via a simple REST API and JS library used by the AI chat assistant and semantic search React components.

Nexai supports integrations across diverse platforms, with beta integrations already available. Moreover, it plans to integrate with major social media platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp, and Discord, for creating chat bots.

Furthermore, it aims to fully integrate AI support chat for Wordpress, Shopify, and Joomla. Nexai offers scalable pricing and is built to use with minimal coding, while remaining extensible enough to allow building of any AI application.


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Pros and Cons


Live support functionalities
Seamless integration of chat assistants
Learning and understanding documents
GPT3, GPT4, Mistral, and Llama
Insightful dashboard
UI customization
Open source Nexai React UI Library
Knowledge base capabilities
Question and answer set predictions
Chat simulations
Search phrases
Internal and external usage
REST API and JS library
Integration across diverse platforms
Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord integrations planned
Scalable pricing
Minimal coding needed
Super fast chat responses
Multi device support
Amazon S3 indexing
Knows how to install itself
Visitor Insight
React Components availability
Data Analytics
Beta integrations availability
Document Understanding tools
Semantic Search tools
Created by developers
50ms response times
Semantic cache for speed
Customer support
Beta Cloud Scale plans
Company and customer use
Website Integration
Knowledge Base
Upcoming Social Media Integrations
User Interface Customization
Extensive insight into visitor queries
Storage scaling
Integrated directly with NextJS
Real-time search, Telegram bots
Radix UI and ShadCN UI use
Compatible with TypeScript
Aesthetically customizable React UI components
Supports any platform


Beta integrations only
Limited platform compatibility
Limited language options
Knowledge base requires manual updates
No dedicated mobile support
No native CMS integrations
Building own application required
Extensibility requires coding skills
Documentation unclear

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