Task automation 2023-04-06
Automated workflow and task delegation for productivity.
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Nexel is a workflow automation tool that utilizes AI to simplify and streamline repetitive tasks. With Nexel, users can delegate a variety of tasks to AI, such as text summarization and web searches.

The tool seamlessly integrates with popular applications and databases, including Gmail, LinkedIn, Asana, and Github. One notable feature of Nexel is its ability to generate easy-to-digest reports.

Users can research pricing and features of companies directly within Google Sheets, and then have Nexel automatically write and email a report summarizing the findings.

Additionally, Nexel can send daily summaries of calendar events to a designated Slack channel, making it convenient to stay updated on the day's schedule.

For those interested in specific topics, Nexel can filter and summarize posts on the Hackernews homepage related to AI, open source projects, or technical leadership.

The tool can also provide summaries of the latest YouTube videos published by a specific channel, sending the video title, link, and summary via email.Nexel emphasizes ease of use, making automation accessible to all users, regardless of technical skills.

The platform aims to eliminate repetitive tasks and increase productivity, allowing users to dedicate more time to creativity and focus. The AI capabilities of Nexel include text-to-speech conversions, video and text summarization, and web searching.Data security is a priority for Nexel, with transparent security measures in place to protect user data.

The tool is not specified as free, and it differentiates itself from ChatGPT, although no further details are provided regarding these differences. Joining the waitlist is available for those interested in trying out Nexel.


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