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Interactive reporting given in natural language.
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NextBi is a business intelligence (BI) tool that provides an accessible and user-friendly solution for BI reporting and visualization. It is powered by an AI engine that enables end-users to interact with databases without requiring technical expertise or SQL knowledge.

With NextBi, users can collect data by using natural language queries and generate reports within a few minutes. Additionally, the tool also allows users to choose their preferred visualization chart type using plain English, such as pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs.

NextBi is designed to be customizable, and the tool can adapt for modern startups' needs. It offers a free trial version with limited features and an online experience edition that comes with a monthly subscription cost.

NextBi offers an affordable option compared to other BI tools in the market. Users can choose from the extended license or customized versions that provide additional levels of support and functionality.Overall, NextBi aims to make BI accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly for everyone.

It enables businesses to explore their data and gain valuable insights effortlessly. With natural language processing, querying, and visualization, NextBi makes database interaction and analysis more intuitive and easy.


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NextBI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive reporting
Uses natural language
Customizable visualization
Adapts for startups
Affordable options
Extended license available
Customized versions provided
Database interaction simplified
Natural language querying
Pie, bar, line visualizations
Ready to be customized
Designed for multiple devices
Wide chart type selection
minimized coding
Visualization via natural language
Ease of use
Quick response time
Perfect for non-technical users
Accessible business intelligence
Generates needed reports
Data exploration made easy
Valuable insights extraction
100% Responsive design
Based on Bootstrap 4
Built with SASS
300+ components
23+ widgets
Bootstrap Flexbox Grid
Animate CSS
Integrated plugins
Smart HTML markup
Free trial available
Extended License
Customized version available
Online and Privatization Edition
Unlimited requests
Unlimited charts
Various support levels
7*12 telephone technical support


Limited free trial
Requires monthly subscription
Limited online support
Charges for extended license
Charges for customization
No offline usage mentioned
No mentioned API support
No multi-language support
Limited to BI reporting
No mentioned data encryption


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