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Video production with synthetic actors.
Generated by ChatGPT

Neural Actors is an AI actor builder that can be used to create professional videos with human presenters without spending money on production or hiring talent.

It uses artificial intelligence to create hyper-realistic actors that can move and do the same actions that a real human actor would do. It also allows users to create multi-shot videos in real-life environments with actors placed in the settings from multiple camera angles.

Additionally, users can create videos with AI actors talking in selfie mode, perfect for social media posts. It offers templates for videos, including featured, spokesperson, and selfie videos.

It has a pricing page, legal page, blog, and contact page.


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Jul 20, 2023
Need to give CREDIT CARD details before you even run a test! Not a person, eh? Not a chance! Too many cons around...

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Pros and Cons


Dynamic multi-shot video creation
Real-life environment simulations
Actors placed from multiple angles
Selfie mode for social media
Variety of video templates
Quick video generation
No hiring or production cost
Easy script input
English and Español languages
Ubiquitous accessibility (log in)
Recover password facility
Transparent pricing page
Legal support page
Informative blog
Easy contact options


Limited actor customization
No API available
Absence of collaborative features
No offline mode
Lack of cross-platform compatibility
No voice customization
Fixed camera angles
Limited template variety
Potentially high cost
No multi-language support


What is Neural Actors?
How does Neural Actors use AI to create videos?
Are the actors generated by Neural Actors realistic?
Can I use Neural Actors to create multi-shot videos?
Is there a feature for creating selfie videos with Neural Actors?
Does Neural Actors provide pre-made video templates?
What types of video templates does Neural Actors offer?
Can I customize the script for the AI actors in Neural Actors?
What languages does Neural Actors support?
What does Neural Actors pricing look like?
Are there any legal terms I must know about when using Neural Actors?
Does Neural Actors offer any resources or a blog for assistance?
How do I sign up to start using Neural Actors?
Is there an option to log in to Neural Actors using Google?
What does the Neural Actors user interface look like?
Can I recover my password if I forget it on Neural Actors?
Can I place actors in different settings with Neural Actors?
Does Neural Actors support multiple camera angles?
How can Neural Actors be used for producing social media videos?
Do people find the Neural Actors tool easy to use and effective?

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