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Platform for crafting personalized interactive stories.
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NovelistAI is an AI-powered website that enables users to create their own unique stories, novels, and interactive books with ease. Users can choose from a variety of genres and styles, allowing them to craft personalized reading experiences.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows for freedom and flexibility when building unique characters, plots and settings. NovelistAI also offers an ‘infinite story’ format which allows users to write new chapters as they read, and interactive stories or gamebooks where they can take on the role of the protagonist and make choices that influence the story.

Furthermore, users can choose to write their stories in the style of their favorite authors, or even adapt classic novels to a new setting or era. Finally, the website will soon be offering additional features such as new genres of books, illustrated novels, exports to EPUB, and print books on paper.


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Pros and Cons


Variety of genres
Interactive story creation
User-friendly interface
Infinite story format
Style emulation of favorite authors
Classic novels adaptation
Future illustrated novels feature
Exports to EPUB
Printed book copies
Freedom to create unique characters
Automatic page generation
Multiple story formats
New and exciting story formats
Story based on favorite movies or games
Personalized reading experiences
Ability to bring personal ideas to life
Upcoming feature updates
Custom novels creation
Exploration and experimentation in story formats
Option to influence story course
Possibility of transformative work
Tailor-made, unique tales
Option to choose heroes
Ability to replicate favorite author's style
Casting in role of your protagonist
Surprise story generation
Selection of adventure options
Write while reading
Emulation of different writing styles
Platform for creating own library
Create custom book covers
Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing
Affiliate rewards program
Free plan available
Easy credits tracking
Option to buy packages
Structured pricing options
User-guided story development
Knights and wizard stories features
Endless novel ideas
Management and curation of personal library


Not fully launched yet
Few export options
No collaborative feature
No mobile app
Limited story formats
Unknown error handling
No offline mode
Pay-as-you-go model
No translation feature
No user community


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What types of stories can I create on novelistAI?
What features does novelistAI offer?
How can I write in the style of my favorite authors using novelistAI?
What is the 'infinite story' format in novelistAI?
What are the upcoming features on novelistAI?
What genres of books can I write using novelistAI?
Can I create interactive stories or gamebooks on novelistAI?
How user-friendly is the NovelistAI interface?
Can I adapt classic novels to a new setting or era using novelistAI?
What is the pricing model of novelistAI?
Do I get any free credits when signing up for novelistAI?
What are the benefits of the affiliate rewards program at novelistAI?
How can I choose from different story formats on novelistAI?
Can I export my works to EPUB format on novelistAI?
How can I create a novel based on my favorite movies or videogames using novelistAI?
How do I navigate through the novelistAI website?
Are there illustrator novels on novelistAI?
How can I curate my own library of books on novelistAI?

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