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Nullface is an AI-driven tool that automates the creation of faceless videos for social media platforms like TikTok. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to generate video content based on the user's input, catering to individual preferences and content strategy.

Users submit an AI prompt, and the system generates a story with a customized background image to match. For greater control over the visual aspect, users can also use custom image AI prompts.

Nullface also provides the option to select desired voices and fonts, offering comprehensive control over the audio and visual components of the videos.

The sophisticated AI of Nullface supports a diverse range of narrations and can intelligently synchronize text inputs with corresponding image generation, aligning with the narrative.

However, please note that current platform features do not include the ability to add music directly to the videos. With Nullface, there is an opportunity to preview and approve each video before it goes live, and the privacy settings for each video are also customizable.

Despite not currently offering flexible publishing schedules, Nullface provides a unique and efficient service for effortless social media content creation, especially for those preferring to remain anonymous or out of the spotlight.


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Nullface was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates faceless video creation
Customizable narrative options
Select desired voices and fonts
Synchronized text-to-video generation
User-focused content strategy
Advanced image generation capabilities
Video preview and approval
User-controlled privacy settings
Generates story from user's input
TikTok compatible
Enhances anonymous social media presence
Supports diverse range of narrations
Facilitates effortless online earning
Generates video content from diverse sources
Allows voice selection for narration
Offers helpful example prompts
Automated social media content management
Enables direct video downloading
Future option for manual review and editing
Upcoming feature for customizable publishing schedules


No music addition
Not flexible publishing schedules
Limited hands-on editing
No precise location imaging
Cannot generate future predictions
Requires separate subscriptions for additional automation
No real-time trend generation
Pre-defined publishing times
Limited voice options


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What types of narrations does Nullface support?
Can I synchronize text inputs with the images in my Nullface video?
Can I add music to my Nullface video?
How does previewing and approving completed Nullface videos work?
What control do I have over the privacy settings of my Nullface videos?
Does Nullface offer flexible publishing schedules?
Can Nullface videos be personalized?
Can I choose my own voice for Nullface videos?
What's the process for syncing my text with the corresponding images on Nullface?
Does Nullface have an option to download the created videos?
What's the level of involvement required in the video posting process with Nullface?
What happens if I want to create a new automation, even though I already have an existing automation subscription?
How do I cancel my subscription on Nullface?
What are some examples of good and bad prompts to use on Nullface?
Can I personalize videos created by Nullface.ai?
Are image prompts optional or do they have to be provided for every video?

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