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Personalized outbound sales emails optimized.
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Nureply is a cold email software that uses advanced AI technology to personalize emails, rewrite content, and send out emails with maximum efficiency. It is designed to help outbound teams generate more sales and more revenue with its suite of AI-driven tools.

Nureply's AI model has been trained on over 1 billion parameters to ensure that emails are written with a mix of human and artificial intelligence. It is also capable of automatically creating email campaigns and scheduling follow-ups for months in advance.

Furthermore, the AI model can optimize campaigns for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as open rates, response rates, and click-through rates.Nureply also offers features such as one-click cancellation, no contract, and zero chances of emails landing in the spam folder.

It also offers a spam keyword checker to ensure emails get delivered to the right inbox. Additionally, Nureply can generate personalized first lines in seconds and is 3x faster than any other AI tool.

With Nureply, users can save up to 200 minutes per day and increase response rates by up to 240%. Lastly, Nureply offers a 7-day free trial with 30 free credits to try out all its features.

Nureply was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes outbound sales emails
Optimizes email content
Efficient email scheduling
Automatically creates email campaigns
Optimizes for open, response, click-through rates
One-click cancellation feature
Zero spam chances
Spam keyword checker
Personalized first lines generation
3x faster than competitors
Save up to 200 minutes/day
Increases response rates by 240%
7-day free trial with 30 free credits
Uses publicly available data for personalization
Continually test and iterate campaigns
Generate unique personalized first lines
Fastest in the market
Automated email campaigns
Scalable campaigns
One Credit per Contact
Unlimited Credit Rollover
CSV File Bulk Personalization
Website based personalization
LinkedIn based personalization
Unlimited email addresses
Unified inbox for all accounts
Email Verification (coming soon)


No API available
No CRM integration offered
Limited to email campaigns
Trains only on public data
No multilingual support
No customization for process automation
Unsuitable for small business
No explicit data privacy
No A/B testing
Limited to one-week free trial


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Does Nureply optimize campaigns for KPIs?
What anti-spam features does Nureply offer?
How is Nureply's performance when compared to other AI tools?
How much time can I save daily using Nureply?
How much can Nureply increase response rates?
How can I start a free trial with Nureply?
How does Nureply exceed normal human-written emails?
How does Nureply avoid emails landing in the spam folder?
How much faster is Nureply than other AI tools?
What are the parameters of Nureply's AI model?
How does Nureply generate personalized first lines in seconds?
What are some unique features of Nureply?
How can I integrate Nureply into my current workflows?


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