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Automated video editing software for course creators.
Generated by ChatGPT is a fully automated AI video editing software designed for experts and online course creators. It is designed to make creating and publishing video content easy and efficient.

By providing unedited raw footage, the AI video editor is able to quickly transcribe, analyse, and edit the footage into a ready-to-publish video with titles, transitions, and animations.

The AI editor does all the work for the user and helps them to create professional videos in one click.The AI editor is designed to save time and money for video creators.

It can edit a video in 1.5 minutes, compared to the 2.5 days it would typically take a freelancer. This saves users hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

The AI editor also includes features such as automatic chapters, key highlight summaries, and clickable links and calls to action within the is ideal for creating video courses, quickly creating free content for YouTube, creating sales videos and webinars, and adding more value to existing content.

It is designed to be easy to use, with an editor as easy to use as a text document. It also includes a video player that can be embedded on websites without ads.

Overall, is a powerful AI video editing software that can help users create professional video content quickly and efficiently.

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Pros and Cons


Transcribes unedited raw footage
Analyzes video content
Video ready in 1.5 minutes
Saves hundreds or thousands annually
Includes automatic chapters
Feature for key highlights
Embed clickable links within video
Editor as easy as text document
Embeddable video player without ads
Ideal for video courses creation
Helpful for YouTube content
Aids in producing sales videos
Improves existing content
No need for multiple takes
Refreshes old content
Turns 10 hours of raw footage into edited video
Ideal for course creators
Brilliant for entrepreneurs
Analysis based on deep learning
Minimizes human intervention
Hosts videos without size or duration limit
No ads in videos
Video summary download option
Un-downloadable videos
Adjustable playback speed
Real-time text size adjustment
Intuitive video navigation
Customizable design
Choosable colors and fonts
Logo as watermark
Ready-made graphic themes


Lacks advanced editing features
No song/music integration
Limited creative control
No mention of offline editing
No 3D editing features
No multi-camera editing
No VR support
Unclear video resolution support
No collaboration features
No storyboard option


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What makes unique compared to other video editing software?
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What is the 'Magic Button' in
How does save me money?
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Does add titles, transitions, and animations to the video?
How does analyze and transcribe raw footage?
Can I use for my YouTube content?
What is the quality of videos produced with
Are there any limitations in the size or duration of content with
How does help me attract more leads?
Can I embed the edited video on my website using
Does include features like automatic chapters and key highlight summaries?
Can I use for creating sales videos and webinars?
How much time and money can I potentially save using
How does help to add more value to my existing content?


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