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Online photography previews for e-commerce.
Generated by ChatGPT provides AI-generated photography previews for a variety of scenes. The previews are generated from a library of over 40 photos, including images of mountains, fields, cookies, forests, pizzas, cakes, seas, tents, plants, lizards, soups, coffees, wraps, peppers, tacos, mushrooms, broccoli, cheesecakes, fruits, deserts, hotdogs, cabbages, lions, wines, and cookies.

The AI algorithm is able to recreate these scenes and objects in different angles and perspectives, allowing users to preview the results before they decide to purchase the photo.

The AI-generated previews are realistic and detailed, providing an accurate representation of what the photo will look like when purchased.


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Nov 11, 2023

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Nyx Gallery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 15th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Over 40 photo library
Generates different angles
Accurate photography previews
Versatile objects/scenes recreation
Realistic preview imagery
Suitable for e-commerce
Preview before purchase
Highly diversified image generation


Limited library of photos
No custom image requests
No raw photo availability
Variability in preview accuracy
Unclear image rights post-purchase
Undocumented object detection limitations
Difficult-to-navigate interface
Inconsistent lighting in previews
Failed re-generation of scenes


What is Nyx Gallery?
How does Nyx Gallery create photo previews?
What types of scenes can Nyx Gallery's AI recreate?
How many different images are in Nyx Gallery's library?
Is the previewed image on Nyx Gallery the same as the purchased photo?
How accurate and realistic are the AI-generated previews?
Can the AI recreate images in different angles and perspectives?
What types of objects or scenes does Nyx Gallery cater to?
Is there any loss in quality when generating new angles and perspectives of images?
Can I see a preview before I purchase a photo on Nyx Gallery?
Can Nyx Gallery's AI generate previews of custom images or user-provided scenes?
How fast can Nyx Gallery generate a photo preview?
What is the resolution of the images provided by Nyx Gallery?
Are there any limitations on the use of images purchased from Nyx Gallery?
How are the scenes recreated by the AI?
Can Nyx Gallery's AI recreate animated scenes or only static images?
How does Nyx Gallery's AI handle complex images or scenes?
Is there any subscription plan available on Nyx Gallery?
Are the Nyx Gallery images watermarked or unmarked?
How to contact Nyx Gallery for inquiries or support?


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