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Leverage technology for preventative cancer screening.
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Oatmeal Health is an AI-driven platform specialized in cancer screening, focusing primarily on underserved patient communities. The platform provides critical services such as preventative screening and rescreening for cancer, with an initial focus on lung cancer.

Oatmeal Health partners with various healthcare stakeholders including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), pharmaceutical and therapeutic companies, health plans, and medical device companies.

The key aim is to ensure early diagnosis by leveraging AI technologies to identify and screen high-risk patients. The platform also includes a dedicated care team of local nurses and radiologists who provide additional support in the health center.

This relieves the workload on in-house staff and aids in screening efforts. Additionally, Oatmeal Health's risk assessments and AI advancements aid in early diagnosis, reducing healthcare costs associated with late-stage cancer treatment.

The platform also offers health centers straightforward, recurring payments that can be reinvested into the practice, enhancing quality measures and overall outcomes.


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Pros and Cons


Focuses on underserved communities
Partnerships with healthcare stakeholders
Dedicated local care team
Tech-enabled early diagnosis
Supports health center's workload
Reinvestment into practice
$237K saving per early detection
Culturally sensitive micro-nudges
Virtual-first service
Image-based lung cancer screening
Aids preventative screening
Rescreening for high-risk individuals
Confirmed patient eligibility tracking
Comprehensive radiology risk assessments
Patient transport and scheduling
Continuous patient education
Partnership with FQHCs
Works with payers and employers
Leverages machine learning technologies
National scale service
Screens for lung cancer
Organizational collaboration to address challenges
Improves patient compliance
Affordable quality care
Provider diversity in partnership model
On-site radiologists support
Recurring payment model for centers
Reduces healthcare disparities
Facilitates innovative healthcare access
Rescreening capability
Enhancement of quality measures
Clinic services at no cost
Plan and community reinvestment
Connected community of FQHCs
Cancer risk awareness increase
Cancer fatality prevention
Partners with pharmaceutical companies
Partnerships with therapeutic companies
Partners with health systems
Involvement of rural health clinics
Partners with medical device companies
Offers wrap-around care navigation services
Patient decision-making support
Empowering health equity
Early-detection capabilities
Committed to care coordination


Expensive per early detection
Only focuses on lung cancer
Specific to USPSTF guidelines
Dependent on external partnerships
Is primarily virtual-based
May overload health providers
Limited to underserved communities
No clear data privacy
No mentions of patient data protection
No mobile application available

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