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Application for animating avatar with voice-over track.
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NVIDIAPage's Omniverse Audio2Face is an AI powered application that simplifies animation of a 3D character to match any voice-over track. It is designed to be used in either real time or within traditional character creation workflows.

It works in a variety of applications such as gaming, entertainment, laptops and workstations, cloud and data center, networking, GPUs, embedded systems, application frameworks, and apps and tools.

The Audio2Face application has a wide range of features that include metaverse applications, automotive, cloud-AI video streaming, speech AI, data analytics, healthcare, high-performance computing, intelligent video analytics, recommender systems, robotics, telecommunications, NGC catalog, data center GPU monitoring, NVIDIA RTX Experience, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager, RTX Accelerated Creative Apps, video conferencing, NVIDIA Workbench, gaming and creating, infrastructure, cloud services, AI and Data Science, machine learning, deep learning training, deep learning inference, conversational AI, and prediction and forecasting.


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Pros and Cons


Animations match voice-over tracks
Real-time animation
Used in traditional workflows
Applicable to various sectors
Metaverse application feature
Automotive animation features
Data analytics capabilities
Applicable in healthcare
High-performance computing feature
Intelligent video analytics
Recommender systems incorporated
Robotics applications
Telecommunications capabilities
Data center GPU monitoring
RTX Accelerated Creative Apps
Drives video conferencing
Gaming and creating capabilities
Infrastructure capabilities
Cloud services integration
Machine learning capabilities
Deep learning training support
Deep learning inference support
Forecasting and prediction feature
Multi-Device Compatibility
Supports embedded systems
Application frameworks compatibility
Useful in data analytics
NGC catalog provision
Automotive animation support
Cloud and data center oriented
Provides networking solutions
Data science capabilities
RTX Desktop Manager
Data center GPU monitoring
Works on laptops
Works on workstations


Requires NVIDIA hardware
No MacOS support
No direct integration for non-gaming applications
Complex interfaces
Limited troubleshooting resources
Not mobile friendly
Limited customization options


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Can Omniverse Audio2Face be integrated into embedded systems?
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