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Onesta is a financial advisor search platform designed to help people find the best financial advisor to meet their needs and wants, based on client reviews and more.

Onesta provides a powerful search engine to filter advisors by fee-only, fiduciary, robo advisor, CFA, CPA, retirement planning and more. Onesta also provides an AI-powered assistant, OnestaBot, to provide educational material and answer questions related to finance.

Additionally, Onesta collects and processes SEC registration data for advisors, such as form ADV, to provide detailed background checks and reviews of advisors.

Onesta also provides a platform for advisors to manage their profiles and provide personal information to help people get to know them before making a decision.

Finally, Onesta provides resources for investors, such as a list of the top 13 questions to ask when meeting an advisor and advice on how to manage a financial windfall.


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Jun 13, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Powerful search engine
Filter by multiple criteria
Provides educational material
Processes SEC registration data
Detailed background checks
Advisors can manage profiles
Resources for investors
Anonymous advisor messaging
Client reviews collection
Database of SEC-registered advisors
Advisor background check feature
Crucial business information
Collection of advisor reviews
Personal advisor information
Sign up for advisors


Limited to financial advisors
Dependent on user reviews
No multi-language support
Potentially biased client reviews
Lacks network security measures
No mobile app version
Limited customer support
Potential privacy concerns
Limited onboarding assistance


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Can I use Onesta for retirement planning?
How does Onesta system work to review the advisors?
What are Onesta's cookies policy?
How does the anonymous messaging system work?
What types of questions can I ask OnestaBot?
What type of educational materials does Onesta provide?
How can I sign up on Onesta platform?
Can I find reviews about the advisors on Onesta?
How secure is my personal information on Onesta?
Can Onesta help me manage a financial windfall?
What is the difference between Onesta and other financial advisor search platforms?

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