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Prioritized emotional well-being in news aggregation.
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OneSub is an AI-powered news tool that aims to provide a better, calmer and more stress-free way of staying informed. Its focus is on delivering news that is friendly for emotional health, in line with its mission to fix the way people read the news.

On the page, users can find breaking news and daily news updates from the United Kingdom covering a range of topics from politics, to culture, to sports.

OneSub sifts through news articles, selecting and aggregating the most relevant and informative stories to help users keep up with what's happening in the world, without being overwhelmed by negative news.

The AI tool provides users with a curated feed of news stories that are designed to reduce stress and anxiety related to news consumption. OneSub's news curators select stories that promote emotional well-being, and avoid sensational or overly negative content.

OneSub is powered by a machine learning algorithm that continually refines its news selection process based on user feedback, ensuring that news content is tailored to individual preferences.

The platform also features a chatbot for users to interact with, enabling them to get news and information quickly and easily. Overall, OneSub provides a unique approach to news aggregation by prioritizing emotional well-being, and is a useful tool for anyone looking for a better way to stay informed.


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OneSub was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Prioritizes emotional well-being
Curated stress-reducing news feeds
Continually refines based on feedback
Interactive chatbot
Avoids sensational or negative content
Friendly and calm news representation
Tailors content to individual preferences
Diverse topic coverage
Supports emotional health
Promotes informative and relevant news
Reduced negativity in news reading
Stress and anxiety reduction
Constantly improving machine learning algorithm
Easy interaction via chatbot
Efficient information access
Promotes fix in news consumption
Unique news aggregation approach


No international news
Emotional bias selection
Limited user feedback
Algorithm dictating content
Lacks news diversity
Dependent on user interaction
Limited topic range
Relies on machine learning refinement
Not open source


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Can I interact with a chatbot on OneSub?
How does OneSub contribute to emotional well-being?
How is sensational or negative content minimized in OneSub?
Does OneSub provide news updates from outside the United Kingdom?
Is OneSub suitable for users looking for a break from negative news?
How does OneSub's machine learning algorithm work?
How often does OneSub provide news updates?
Do users need to manually select news in OneSub or is it automated?
Can OneSub help me stay informed without causing anxiety?
How does OneSub sift and aggregate news articles?
What kind of topics do OneSub's news curators focus on?
Is OneSub an effective tool for staying informed in a stress-free way?

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