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Banking co-pilot: Time-saving data analysis & insights.
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Onnix AI is a personalized AI co-pilot tool designed specifically for banking professionals. Its main goal is to save teams time by providing accurate answers and deliverables quickly.

Onnix leverages AI and powerful data science tools to bring automation and efficiency to banking processes.One key feature of Onnix is data source querying.

Users can ask Onnix any question from popular data providers such as FactSet and CapIQ, and the tool will provide answers with traceable sources. Onnix integrates with data sources and can output and send responses directly via email or messaging applications.

This feature is particularly useful for both senior and junior teams, as it enables quick access to information during live client calls or when looking for specific data.Another functionality offered by Onnix is Excel analysis.

Users can run data analyses and generate outputs through prompts. Onnix integrates with data providers and powerful AI and data science languages, allowing banking teams to generate detailed insights without the need for coding skills.

This feature is beneficial for senior teams needing quick data calculations and for junior teams that require niche client asks or bespoke analysis.Moreover, Onnix helps users create slide decks personalized to managing director (MD) preferences at a significantly faster pace.

By learning from old presentations, Onnix can quickly assemble slide decks based on simple prompts. Users can directly see analysis outputs, reconfigure decks, and manage comments and formatting.

This feature is valuable for both senior and junior teams, as it streamlines the process of creating slide decks, allowing more time for insights and observations.Overall, Onnix AI is a trusted tool built by bankers for bankers, aimed at leveraging AI and data science to enhance efficiency and productivity within the banking industry.


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Onnix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Built for banking professionals
Saves time in deliverables
Data source querying feature
Integrated with popular data providers
Provides traceable source answers
Sends responses via email/messaging
Effective for both senior and junior teams
Excel analysis functionality
Generates insights without coding
Quick data calculations
Bespoke analysis for client needs
Slide decks creation feature
Learns from old presentations
Streamlines slide generation process
Handles comments and formatting
No-code platform for banking
Automates banking processes
Supports multiple data science languages
Fast output of data and slides
Simplifies deck reconfiguration process
Time-saver for live client calls
Allows direct iteration with Onnix
Built by bankers for bankers
Helps with one-off information retrieval
Fast and accurate answer provision
Supports bespoke client analysis
Generates high-quality insights from data
Promotes efficiency and productivity in banking
Focuses more on observation and story
Adaptable to MD's preferences


Limited to banking industry
Requires integration with data sources
Potentially unmanageable email/messaging responses
Learning curve with prompts
Dependent on good historical data
Manual reconfiguration of decks
Handling formatted comments might be tricky
Personalized MD preferences may limit utility
Connectivity issues in live client calls
Limited to specific data sources


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Can Onnix AI quickly assemble slide decks?
How does Onnix AI learn from previous presentations?
What are the capabilities of Onnix AI when it comes to creating slide decks?
What is the main target audience of Onnix AI?
How can Onnix AI enhance efficiency in the baking industry?
How secure is Onnix AI with financial data handling?
Is there a beta option for Onnix AI?
Who is the team behind Onnix AI?
What companies and institutions are involved with Onnix AI?
Can junior teams also use Onnix AI for quick data retrieval and analysis?
Can I schedule a meeting to learn more about Onnix AI?

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