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Personalized photo generation for styles and objects.
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OpenArt Photo Booth is an AI avatar generator that allows users to create personalized photos with AI. It works for people, pets, styles, objects, etc.

by allowing users to upload up to 20 photos and get their personalized AI within an hour. The OpenArt Photo Booth also has over 300+ styles to choose from, with one free style package (10+ styles) included.

Additionally, the AI Avatar Generator offers build-in face and anime enhancement, image upscaling, and customized prompts support.The OpenArt Photo Booth uses 10+ base models, including SD1.5, SD2.1 (512 and 768), Openjourney, Portrait+, Waifu Diffusion, Anything V3, HassanBlend1.4, and more.

There are also pro packages available for AI enthusiasts that offer more training images and advanced training configurations, a downloadable checkpoint file, more image generation credits per model, and cost efficient training for multiple models at the same time.The OpenArt Photo Booth also has a 4-minute YouTube tutorial to guide users through the process.

There is an explanation of what a style package/preset is and where to buy them, as well as tips on how to use the Photo Booth with limited photos. Additionally, users can use a custom identifier when training their model, which internally will be replaced by "sks" during the model training.

Overall, OpenArt Photo Booth is an AI avatar generator that offers users a wide range of options to customize their photos with AI.


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Dec 11, 2023
Its is really boring dont recomend use something else dont waste money on this

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