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Authentic language learning: sentences, pronunciation.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered language learning tool designed to help users achieve fluency in various languages quickly. Backed by scientific research, offers a range of features and methods to enhance language learning effectiveness.One key feature of is its focus on authentic and comprehensible input.

Users can learn from content they enjoy, such as YouTube videos and podcasts, exposing themselves to different accents and real-life situations. This approach aims to provide a more natural language learning also emphasizes the importance of learning sentences rather than just words.

By presenting sentences in context and providing translations and example sentences, users can grasp the meaning and usage of words in different contexts.

The inclusion of videos adds even more context to the learning process.The tool offers AI analysis and feedback to improve pronunciation, employing the language shadowing technique to imitate native speakers.

This feature aims to help users speak with more accuracy and confidence.Additionally, plans to introduce an AI tutor for endless conversation practice, providing instant feedback, corrections, and opportunities to learn new vocabulary and grammar.Users can track their progress in real time, gaining insights into their learning habits and areas for improvement. also plans to offer tailored exercises to enhance memory and facilitate long-term supports multiple languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and more.

The tool offers a free forever option with limited playback time, as well as a paid subscription plan for unlimited access.


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