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Take action on the right accounts at the right time.
Generated by ChatGPT is an advanced AI platform designed to optimize sales processes and improve efficiency in identifying and targeting potential accounts. Its central feature is 'Precision Prospecting', which serves to streamline the efforts of sales teams by focusing on the right accounts at the right time.

This unique feature provides an efficient way to test assumptions using multiple research and scoring models, aligning sales strategy and execution. It enables analysis of real-time signals in correlation with past wins for accurate forecasting.

The AI tool also automates account prioritization based on actionable research, significantly reducing manual research and prioritization time. further optimizes sales processes by scanning for new signals and emailing relevant accounts, thereby maximizing meeting and deal opportunities.

It also offers a platform that guides sales teams in the right direction, reducing unnecessary complexity and allowing focus on strategy and fine-tuning.

Furthermore, the platform integrates neatly into existing tool stacks and offers custom insights tailored specifically for individual teams. It enables sales teams to understand their market size and the workability percentage of their account base.

In addition to identifying priority accounts, it also provides contact data for the correct personas, automates multichannel copy connection and reduces time spent on list building or data cleansing.


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Jul 11, 2023
the tool is awesome

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Pros and Cons


Personalize messages quickly
Scans LinkedIn profiles
Transparent pricing
Pause or cancel anytime
Different pricing tiers
Increased sales potential
Community section
Built by sales reps
Sales optimization
Account targeting
Precision prospecting
Sales strategy alignment
Real-time analysis
Account prioritization
Manual research reduction
Mass emailing
Sales team guidance
Tests assumptions
Accurate forecasting
Streamlines sales processes
Highlights best content
Signals account prioritization
Sales team direction
Integrates with tool stacks
Custom insights
Market size analysis
Workability percentage analysis
Provides contact data
Automates multichannel copy
Reduces list building time
Eliminates data cleansing
Configurable signal importance
Never miss public data
Rapid hypotheses testing
Immediate account action
Populates CRM with contact data
Saves sales reps time
Works with existing tools
Removes manual work
Matches market reality
Connects insights to current events
Supports quick sales cycles
Improves conversion rates
Increases high-quality touches
Speeds up messaging
Scalable sales motion
Provides specific insights
No need for events
Surfaces good accounts
Targets right accounts


No integration with Gmail
Limited social platform support
No freemium version available
Possibly intrusive data collection
No prediction-based insights
Relies solely on LinkedIn profiles
No mobile application
Dependent on public data availability
No multilingual support
No offline functionality


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