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Create pro musical patterns/loops with plugin suite.
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Orb Producer 3 is an AI powered plugin suite designed to help music producers create professional quality musical patterns and loops. The suite includes four plugins: Orb Melody, Orb Bass, Orb Arpeggios, and Orb Synth.

The Orb Melody plugin provides unlimited melody ideas and useful controllers and options to get the perfect melody for your music. The Orb Bass module analyzes the entire harmony and proposes the best bass lines for your song.

The Orb Arpeggio module is an instant easy-to-use module, providing cool arpeggios with tons of parameters for advanced users. Orb Synth features two oscillators, two LFOs, an amp and envelope, plus a reverb, delay, and a powerful crunchy drive.

The suite also includes the Polyrhythms engine for creating complex rhythms, Lyrical Melodies for creating an anacrusis or pick-up note to a bar, chaining blocks for creating one long piece of music, and Keep Bass for Chords to ensure the bass note of the chords always remains on the bottom of the chord.

The suite also includes dozens of presets, smart AI tools, and the ability to choose tonalities and keys. It is compatible with a variety of DAWs and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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Pros and Cons


Four unique plugins
Unlimited melody ideas
Generates best bass lines
Instant easy-to-use arpeggios
Customizable synth module
Polyrhythm engine for complex rhythms
Lyrical Melodies for professional voice
Chaining blocks for long music piece
Keep Bass for Chords feature
Upgrades Orb Chord Engine
Dozens of presets
Choose tonalities and keys
Compatible with various DAWs
30-day money back guarantee
Perfect DAW integration
Easy drag and drop
Export and import features
State-of-the-art wavetable synth
Presets by industry professionals
Creates complex rhythms
Powerful homemade wavetable synth
Unlimited chord progressions
Homemade wavetable synth presets
Instant arpeggio satisfaction
Complex arpeggio system
Easy export and import
Unique software for professionals
Ability to chain blocks
Addition of Keep Bass


Doesn't support ProTools
No AAX plugins
No standalone version
No API for integration
Requires DAW integration
Limited sound design capabilities
Difficult to use for beginners
No multi-language support
Less sophisticated compared to competition


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What is the benefit of 'Lyrical Melodies' feature in Orb Producer 3?
What does the 'Block Chaining' feature do?
What does 'Keep Bass for Chords' feature achieve?
Does Orb Producer 3 come with any presets?
What is the purpose of the smart AI tools in Orb Producer 3?
How can I select different tonalities and keys in Orb Producer 3?
Does Orb Producer 3 offer a money back guarantee?
Is Orb Producer 3 compatible with all DAWs?
What is the price of Orb Producer 3?
What is the Orb Chords plugin and how does it aid in music creation?
Can I get a demo of how the melodies created by Orb Melody sound?
What kind of arpeggios can the Orb Arpeggio module generate?
What are the system requirements for using Orb Producer 3?
How do 'Lyrical Melodies' improve the sound of music?


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