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Real-time conversation recording and analysis.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that helps users record and transcribe meetings and conversations with high accuracy. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe conversations in real-time and generate shareable, searchable, accessible and secure notes.

Otter can join meetings automatically on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet and capture slides. It also highlights key points and assigns action items, and generates summaries that can be shared and easily recalled.

Otter is available on iOS, Android and Chrome, and users across business, education and individual use cases have found it to be a time-saving, powerful tool.

Customers have noted its accuracy, ability to transcribe multiple speakers, and the convenience of its automatic slide capture feature.


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Jan 11, 2024
very accurate transcription. summaries are spot on. and can transcribe conversations in real-time. easy to use

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Pros and Cons


Real-time conversation recording
Automated high-accuracy transcription
Generates shareable notes
Searchable meeting notes
High security standards
Auto-joins meetings on Zoom, Teams, Meet
Automatically captures slides
Highlights key points
Assigns action items
Generates meeting summaries
Available on iOS, Android, Chrome
Recognizes multiple speakers
Assists different sectors (business, education, individual)
Helps align teams on deliverables
Speeds up deal closing
Supports story creation for media teams
Connects to Google, Microsoft calendars
Live follow-along via web/app
E-mails summaries post-meeting
Facilitates real-time captions for education
Offers real-time voice transcription
Extracts automatically keywords from conversations
Recognises different speaker's voices
Facilitates comments & note addition
Automated meeting notes
Different pricing plans
User-friendly Chrome extension
Active help and support


No offline mode
Unreliable speaker differentiation
Inconsistent transcription accuracy
Limited meeting platform compatibility
No full text export
Difficult to correct errors
Dependent on quality of audio
Requires active internet connection
Limited customizability of summaries
Limited language support


What is
How does transcribe meetings?
Can differentiate between multiple speakers during a meeting?
How does integrate with applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams?
What are the key features of
How accurate is the transcription capability of
Can I share the meeting summaries generated by
Does work on iOS, Android, and Chrome?
What are the use cases for in a business setting?
How can be used in education?
How can help individuals increase productivity?
What is the automated slide capture feature in
How does the system highlight key points and assign action items during a meeting?
What are the pricing plans for
What user feedback has received?
How can I download for my Android or iOS device?
Can recall shared information from previous meetings?
Is secure?
How can help me collaborate with teammates?
Can I get support if I experience any issues with


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