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Database optimization through machine learning.
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OtterTune is an AI-powered database tuning tool designed to improve performance and reduce costs for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. It uses data from existing tuning sessions to optimize databases, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to get the job done.

It is a revolutionary machine learning and machine training platform that helps databases run in the best possible scenario and keeps them up to date.

To use OtterTune, users simply connect it to their database without installing extra software or modifying application code. Then, OtterTune efficiently retrieves information about the database’s hardware, knob configurations and metrics without negatively impacting performance.

Using machine learning, it optimizes the configuration settings and continually improves performance. OtterTune is trusted by many and is also a reliable resource for database administrators.

The OtterTune blog provides insights into topics such as Amazon RDS replication, databases in 2022, and OtterTune V1.5. It also hosts a Slack community to ask questions about the tool and database tuning.

Overall, OtterTune is an easy-to-use and reliable database tuning tool that can help improve performance and reduce costs.


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OtterTune was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improves database performance
Reduces operational costs
Supports PostgreSQL and MySQL
Uses existing tuning data
No additional software required
Doesn't impact database performance
Continually improves database performance
Used by many trusted administrators
Has a helpful blog for learning
Efficiently extracts database information
Automaticallyadjust configuration as workloads change
Built for modern cloud databases
Does not touch user data
Optimizes DBaaS operations
Discovers new optimization approaches
Does not require application code modifications
Easy to connect with databases
Continual evolution for better performance
Operates with prior tuning data
Features a Slack community for Q&A
Suitable for PostgreSQL and MySQL databases


Only supports PostgreSQL and MySQL
No on-premises version available
Lacks dedicated support services
No multi-language support
Limited platform integrations
May not support all SQL types
Lack of customizable features
No free trial available
Requires ongoing tuning sessions
Documentation might be incomplete


What is OtterTune?
How does OtterTune improve database performance?
Does OtterTune support both PostgreSQL and MySQL databases?
Do I need to install extra software to use OtterTune?
How does OtterTune retrieve information about my database?
Does using OtterTune impact the performance of my database?
In what way does OtterTune use machine learning?
Is OtterTune a reliable tool for database administrators?
What is the OtterTune blog and what topics does it cover?
Can I join the OtterTune Slack community to ask questions?
How is OtterTune different from other database configuration tools?
What hardware information does OtterTune need from my database?
Does OtterTune examine my application data?
How long does it take OtterTune to optimize my database?
What exactly is OtterTune's 'knob configurations'?
How does OtterTune help to reduce my database costs?
Do I need to modify my application's code to use OtterTune?
Can OtterTune adjust my database configuration as workloads change?
Where can I learn about OtterTune's pricing plans?
Is OtterTune suitable for cloud databases?

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