Email writing 25 Jan 2023
Customized email marketing with CRM intelligence.

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Outboundify is an AI-empowered outbound email platform designed to help users easily create personalized, effective campaigns that drive real results in half the time.

Utilizing proprietary AI models, Outboundify builds high-performing emails that convert, allowing users to write in their own voice and get a holistic view of their customers through integrations with CRMs.

By leveraging data-driven personalization, users can increase their open and click-through rates and drive sales. Outboundify also provides insights to help teams maximize their output to reach leads quickly, run ads and campaigns personalized for the right target, and close their next hire with the right personalized communication.

With Outboundify, users can stay on top of their contacts and effectively target their ideal customer, providing them with the tools needed to stay ahead of the curve in the outbound AI platform of the future.


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