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Customized LinkedIn outreach for better prospects.
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Outboundly is a Chrome extension that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance prospecting on LinkedIn. By analyzing LinkedIn profiles, Outboundly generates highly personalized messages for each prospect, making it easier to create cold outreach campaigns.

The tool allows users to quickly generate and send personalized messages to their LinkedIn prospects in just one click. To use Outboundly, one must first sign up for an account and install the Chrome extension from the web store.

The AI tool uses a few pieces of information about the user's offering and a call to action to create personalized messages for each prospect. In the standard and pro packages, the AI is trained with examples of the user's previous prospecting messages, enabling it to create messages that are in line with the user's brand.

Outboundly can help increase response rates to potential customers by up to six times according to user reports. The tool also features a B2B community built in Outboundly, where users can view what other B2B companies are doing within the platform or ask questions, get answers, and share opinions within threads.

Outboundly offers various pricing packages, with no hidden fees or limits, and users can choose to enjoy a free version or choose a package that suits their specific needs.

Outboundly is a useful AI tool for anyone looking to automate their LinkedIn prospecting campaigns and optimize outreach efforts.


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Outboundly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Personalizes LinkedIn outreach
One-click message generation
Standard and pro packages
Brand voice alignment
Increases response rates
B2B community feature
View other B2B activities
Q&A within threads
Pricing packages option
No hidden fees
Free version available
Automates LinkedIn prospecting
Adapts to user's brand
Provides tips & tricks
Offers enterprise options
Allows multiple users
Useful for solopreneurs
Optimized for businesses
Monthly and annual billing
Linkedin profile analysis


Chrome extension only
Limit on messages
Personalized messages may vary
Requires initial setup
Complicated pricing packages
LinkedIn specific
Lacks API integration
Requires user information input
Limited to email & LinkedIn


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