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Voice-based coaching on mobile.
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Outer Voice AI is a mobile app that serves as a personal coach, using AI technology to provide advice, support, and information to users. The app allows users to record a voice message, and in return, the AI Coach provides a response that mirrors the user's voice.

This unique feature allows users to feel like they are conversing with a version of themselves, which could potentially increase engagement and trust in the app's suggestions.

Additionally, the app's ability to tailor responses to the user's voice may lead to a more personalized coaching experience, which could ultimately improve user outcomes.

It is worth noting that Outer Voice AI emphasizes its commitment to user privacy and includes links to its privacy policy and terms of use on its app page.

Overall, Outer Voice AI appears to be a unique and innovative app that utilizes AI technology to provide personalized coaching. While it remains to be seen how effective its coaching features are, the app's focus on user privacy and personalization may make it an appealing option for individuals seeking guidance and support.


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Outer Voice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Voice chatting feature
Personalized coaching
Mirrors user's voice
Increased engagement
Potential trust enhancement
Personalized experience
Commitment to privacy
Appropriate terms of use
User guidance and support
Unique and innovative
Mobile app convenience
Accessible coaching option


Limited to voice interactions
Lacks textual input
Limited to personal coaching
Possibly eerie voice mirroring
Unclear efficacy of advice
No multi-user interaction
May struggle with accents
Restricted to recorded voice messages
Uncertain user data usage


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Is Outer Voice AI an effective coaching tool?
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Can Outer Voice AI help improve my outcomes in specific areas?

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