Outfits 02 Feb 2023
Outfits AI
Virtual fashion outfit creation and exploration.

Generated by ChatGPT

Outfits AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to help users create and explore the possibilities of their outfit choices. The tool offers an array of images representing different outfits that can be used to virtually “try on” different combinations.

The user can upload an image of themselves and the tool will generate a selection of outfit combinations that can be viewed in the original image. The user can further customize the outfits by selecting different colors, styles, fabrics and accessories.

Outfits AI is a powerful tool for fashion enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, and even fashion designers, as it can help them create unique looks and explore the potential of different combinations of garments.

The tool also offers the ability to save and share the created outfits, making it a great tool for gaining inspiration and feedback from peers.



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