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Prepare for job interviews with AI feedback.
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OutGrow is a platform designed to help individuals prepare for job interviews through AI-powered mock interviews and speaking practice. Users can rehearse various speaking scenarios and receive near-instant transcription and feedback.

All video recordings and transcripts are kept confidential, ensuring user privacy. The aim is to simplify the practice process and provide valuable feedback for the user to improve with each practice session.

The platform focuses on various key areas such as speech clarity, grammar, filler words, and content. Users only need to select a practice scenario and start recording, and the application will take care of the rest.

OutGrow also provides Smart-AI feedback along with progress tracking for continuous performance monitoring. Automatic recommendations help users identify their blind spots and improve accordingly.

Additional features include custom filters that allow users to filter by industry, difficulty, and question category, unlimited practice sessions, a user-friendly interface, custom scenarios, and custom rubrics for more tailored feedback and preparation.

OutGrows mission is to democratize access to effective speaking and interview preparation tools, making practice more accessible for everyone.


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May 27, 2024
The description, "Public Speaking without an audience." is incorrect and misleading. As it is currently, it is not what I thought it was.

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Pros and Cons


Confidential video recordings
Confidential transcriptions
Near-instant transcription
Automatic feedback
Progress tracking
Automatic recommendations
Custom filters
Unlimited practice sessions
User-friendly interface
Custom scenarios
Tailored feedback
Interview training focus
Speech clarity focus
Grammar focus
Filler words focus
Content focus
Relevant improvement tips
Performance monitoring
Industry specific filters
Difficulty level filters
Question category filters
Realistic interview scenarios
Custom rubrics
Democratizing interview preparation


No live support
Lack of integration features
No multi-language support
Unspecified data storage period
No mobile version
Cannot export data
No speech speed adjustment
Lack of reporting features
No benchmarking features
No collaborative features

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