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Your AI-powered writing assistant.
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Outline is an AI-powered writing assistant and collaborative document editor designed to simplify and streamline the writing process. It aids in overcoming writer's block by generating ideas and continuing text based on where the user left off.

The platform features AI commands, which allow users to instruct the AI to undertake and complete specific tasks. Users can highlight text within their document to access a range of powerful editing features powered by AI.

Additionally, it offers personal AI assistant support services via chat to help users fact check, do research and generate ideas. Outline also provides a user-friendly interface, and collaborates effectively to transform time-consuming writing processes into more manageable tasks.

While the platform offers unlimited document generation, collaboration, and storage functionalities under its paid model, it also provides a free trial option for users to explore its features.

Outline aims to enhance writing productivity, creativity, and efficiency, making it a suitable choice for a diverse array of users from different fields.

Outline was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Collaborative document editor
Includes 'improve' function
Thesaurus/syntax sidekick included
In-built chatbot assistant
Free trial available
Simple pricing for unlimited usage
Chatbot assistant messages purchasable
No credit card needed for trial
Aids in overcoming writer's block
Specific task performance via commands
Fact checking & research assistance
Highly user-friendly interface
Unlimited document generation under paid model
Enhances writing productivity and creativity
Suitable for diverse user base
Generates ideas for writing
Continuous text generation from user inputs
Transforms time-consuming writing processes
Highlights high-efficiency writing patterns
Inspire new writing ideas
Help with faster writing
250,000 words written weekly
Visible impact on productivity, as per testimonies
Includes unlimited collaborators and storage
Affordable add-ons for more words and assistant messages
Outline available for $15/mo
Delivers 75 assistant messages per month


Limited free trial
Additional costs for assistant messages
No offline use
No mention of privacy level
Not open-source
No API mentioned
Not multi-language mentioned
No versioning system
No mobile app mentioned

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