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Collaborative writing with assistance.
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Outline is an AI-powered collaborative document editor that helps users with their writing. It enables users to save time and be more creative with their writing by providing AI commands, an “improve” function, and a thesaurus/syntax sidekick.

It also includes a chatbot assistant to provide facts, research, and ideas. Outline is easy to use and has a great user experience. It is free to try and has simple pricing for unlimited documents, collaborators, and storage.

It also has an option to purchase additional AI-generated words and assistant messages. The service is available with no credit card required for a free trial with 1,000 AI-generated words and 15 assistant messages.


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Outline was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Collaborative writing feature
'Improve' function included
Thesaurus/syntax assistant available
Chatbot research assistant
Easy to use
Great user experience
Simple pricing model
Option to purchase extras
No credit card needed for trial
Generates new ideas
Helps write faster
Enables specific task execution
Intuitive usage
Enhances writing interest
Accelerates content creation
Unlimited documents and storage
Option to add more words
Option to add more assistant messages
Free trial available


Limited free trial
Expensive additional words
Pricey assistant messages
No offline mode mentioned
Doesn't show multi-language support
Additional costs for extensive use
No information on data privacy
No information on integration possibilities
No information about version history support


What is Outline?
How does Outline use AI to help with writing?
What does Outline do to enhance creativity in writing?
What is the 'improve' function?
What does the thesaurus/syntax sidekick feature do?
How does the AI chatbot assistant in Outline aid in writing?
How can I use AI commands in Outline?
How does Outline help with productivity in writing?
What makes Outline's user experience great?
Is Outline free to use?
How much does Outline cost for unlimited documents, collaborators, and storage?
Can I purchase additional AI-generated words and assistant messages?
What is included in the free trial of Outline?
Can I start a free trial of Outline without a credit card?
How is pricing structured for additional AI-generated words and assistant messages?
How can Outline help with my academic research?
In what way can Outline improve the process of creating videos?
What kind of content can the AI assistant help generate?
How does Outline help overcome writer's block?
What makes Outline intuitive to use?

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