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Generating high-quality TTS voices for any use case.
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Descript's Overdub is a natural-sounding text-to-speech generator that allows users to create high-quality TTS models of their voice or select from a dozen stock human voices for any use case.

The tool uses Lyrebird AI to achieve state-of-the-art voice synthesis and is free on all Descript accounts, with Pro accounts offering unlimited Overdub vocabulary.

Overdub integrates with Descript's collaborative audio/video editor that includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, and other useful AI tools such as filler word removal and subtitles.

Users can create multiple voices to fit any performance style or setting and allow trusted collaborators to generate audio using their Overdub Voice. Descript's Overdub makes correcting recordings as simple as typing, allowing users to type any missing words without the need to rerecord the entire track.

Users can also use Descript's high-quality pre-recorded stock voices to make voiceovers for their videos. Overall, Descript's Overdub offers an ultra-realistic voice cloning service that blends right in with real recordings and offers privacy-first options, making it a highly useful tool for various use cases, including podcasting and screen recording.


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Pros and Cons


High-quality TTS voices
Multiple voice options
State-of-the-art voice synthesis
Integration with audio/video editor
Transcription feature
Screen recorder feature
Filler word removal tool
Subtitles creation option
Allows trusted collaborators
Correction of recordings is easy
High quality pre-recorded voices
Ultra-realistic voice cloning
Privacy-first approach
Free on all accounts
Pro accounts offer unlimited vocabulary
Can fit any performance style
Mid-sentence changes to real recordings
Simplicity of audio generation
44.1kHz broadcast quality synthesizer
Collaborative editing feature
Functionality as a doc tool
Video editing tool
Remote recording feature
Easy publish & share functionality
Useful API integrations
Podcasting tool
Social video feature
Studio Sound creation
Option of multiple voices


Limited to Descript accounts
Only clones personal voices
Restricted Overdub vocabulary in free version
Limited stock human voices
Restricted to trusted collaborators
Needs screen record integration
Limited performance style support
Requires manual typing for corrections
Limited voice blending capabilities


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