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Real-time insights for businesses and governments.
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Overwatch Data is an AI-powered platform designed to provide real-time, global insights using open-source intelligence. It caters to various entities, from companies to government institutions, offering them a unique solution to discover, monitor, understand, and manage information critical to their operations.

The comprehensive tool spans across news, social media, and the dark web, and proves beneficial for different teams looking at fraud protection, security, and data insights.

Features offered include real-time monitoring of opportunities and risks, fraud and financial crime intelligence, global intelligence and critical events, and brand and executive protection.

To ensure a streamlined experience, Overwatch Data provides an intuitive data visualization feature helping users understand represented data effectively.

In addition, with real-time executive summaries, users can stay updated with the latest developments relevant to their interests. The Overwatch platform also offers a free-form chat functionality, allowing users to pose questions and receive customized answers based on their news data.

Easy to onboard, the platform lets users define topics, narratives, events, and categories of interest, creating a personalized experience. Moreover, Overwatch Data is committed to enabling users to understand AI's decision-making processes better, indicating its focus on explainable AI.


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