Video generation 2023-10-12
Supercharge your video creation with Ozone.
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Ozone is a video creation tool that leverages artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the video editing process. Touted as an efficient solution for producing engaging short-form videos, Ozone aims to simplify traditionally tedious editing tasks allowing creators to focus more on their narrative.

It provides a range of automated features including auto animation, color correction, silence removal, intelligent transitions, and speech enhancement.

Its smart image recognition capability enables quick retrieval of required clips, making the video production process smoother and faster. In addition to its innovative editing features, Ozone also promotes collaborative work by offering a unified workspace that facilitates editing, commenting, and sharing ideas in real-time.

It employs cloud video streaming technology which supports video playback at high-resolutions. Another distinguishing feature of Ozone is its auto resize functionality that automatically adjusts content to fit different platforms, ensuring flexibility for cross-platform video sharing.

It also incorporates features for workspace, team and asset management to foster efficient workflow and collaboration among team members. The overarching aim of Ozone is to transform content creation into a more seamless storytelling experience, facilitated by its advanced AI-driven tools.


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Ozone was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Limited to short-form videos
No long-form video support
Dependent on cloud connectivity
Unmentioned video storage limits
Unspecified maximum resolution support
Lack of detailed feature customization
Limited team management features
Potential privacy concerns with collaborative work
Insufficient audio editing tools
Lack of offline work feature


What is Ozone's unique contribution to the video editing space?
How does Ozone use AI to streamline the video creation process?
What is the functionality of auto animation in Ozone?
How does the intelligent transitions feature work in Ozone?
How does auto color correction work in Ozone and can it be customized?
How does Ozone’s silence removal feature optimize videos for the viewer?
How does Ozone's smart image recognition feature facilitate video creation?
What collaborative features does Ozone offer to team members?
How does Ozone utilize cloud video streaming technology in its tool?
What does the auto resize feature in Ozone do and how can it enhance video sharing?
How does Ozone support workspace, team, and asset management?
In what way does Ozone aim to transform storytelling through content creation?
What resolution does Ozone support for video playback?
How does Ozone’s speech enhancement feature work?
What are the system requirements for using Ozone?
Does Ozone offer real-time commenting during the video editing process?
How does Ozone handle video production to make it smoother and faster?
Is it possible to share my Ozone workspace with others for collaborative work?
How is Ozone adapting AI for creating short-form videos?
What type of support does Ozone provide to its users?

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