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Your context-aware AI chatbot, installed as a chrome extension.
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PageGPT is an AI chatbot equipped with a heightened degree of context-awareness. Installed as a Chrome extension, this bot taps into the context of the webpage you are currently viewing to enhance its usefulness and relevance.

Unlike traditional chatbots that often need users to provide extensive context, PageGPT requires less effort from the user, making browsing and information gathering more seamless.

Further, PageGPT introduces a distinctive feature of Saved Prompts, allowing users to easily save and reuse frequently used messages. As a tool with a strong emphasis on privacy, PageGPT doesn't store your conversations, instead it uses the OpenAI API directly to generate responses.

Importantly, the data passed to the OpenAI API is deleted after 30 days and not used for model training unless users opt-in. The tool is positioned for a wide range of users, including students, professionals, researchers, and those curious to leverage AI for improved productivity.

The user needs their own OpenAI API key to operate PageGPT and must sign up on the OpenAI platform to obtain this key.


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PageGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Context aware
Requires less user input
Saved Prompts feature
Doesn't store conversations
Data deleted after 30 days
Option to opt-in for data usage
Wide range of user suitability
Effortless conversations
Seamless browsing integration
Privacy first approach
Secure and confidential
Ideal for students, researchers, professionals
Unlimited chats
One-time payment options
7-day free trial
No context-switching needed
Reduced information overload
Contextual understanding of page
Endless possibilities of usage
Optimized for productivity
Drafting email responses
Research assistance
Streamlined conversations
Not subscription based
No credit card required for trial


Chrome extension only
Data retained 30 days
Limited contextual awareness
Dependent on web page
Potential data privacy issues
Only allows text interaction
Doesn't support other LLM providers
No refund policy


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Can I use PageGPT on browsers other than Chrome?
Is there a way to have PageGPT without signing up on the OpenAI platform?
Is the data passed to the OpenAI API used for model training?
How does PageGPT enhance information gathering while browsing?
What is the rate of PageGPT's 3-Month Pass?
Are there any free trials for PageGPT?
Does PageGPT support other Language model providers?
How does PageGPT handle privacy concerns?
Can I reuse messages in PageGPT?
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