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Edit your photos using written instructions, assisted by AI.
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Paint by Text is an AI-powered tool designed to interpret written instructions to edit photos. It allows users to input text commands, and the AI then applies the instructions on the image, potentially opening up an entirely new way of interacting with photo editing software.

The tool is part of a demonstration project powered by the InstructPix2Pix platform, an implementation of text-to-image conversion that allows users to create specific transformational effects on the images.

As a result, the more specific the text instructions are, the better the end result. Paint by Text offers a unique tool for developers, photographers, and anyone interested in AI applications for photo editing.

It is open-source and hosted on GitHub, and developers interested in learning how it was built and contributing to its code can access the README and the repository.

Besides, the project is hosted on the Replicate platform, known for supporting developers in the AI and machine learning field, and it's also powered by Vercel, a popular deployment and development platform.

While Paint by Text is primarily demonstration software, it represents a fascinating intersection of creative expression and AI technology.


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Sep 3, 2023
horror alien
May 22, 2023
IMO useless in current form

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Pros and Cons


Implement InstructPix2Pix platform
Image editing with text
Efficient transformational effects
Developer-friendly with README
Open-source software
Hosted on GitHub
Encourages creative expression
Hosted on Replicate
Powered by Vercel
Interactive photo editing
Ideal for developers, photographers
User-friendly interface
Allows rapid image tweaks
Accurate photo edits
No need for complex coding
Can build upon tool
Open for code contribution


Dependent on specific written instructions
Limited to text interaction
No API for integration
Lacks visual UI controls
Unclear edit preview process
Requires hosting platform familiarity
Relative to a demonstration project
Lacks multi-language support
Requires understanding of GitHub


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How does Paint By Text interpret text commands?
What is the role of AI in Paint By Text?
What type of instructions can I give in Paint By Text?
What is the quality of edited images in Paint By Text based on the specificity of instructions?
Can I contribute to the development of Paint By Text?
Is Paint By Text open source?
How can developers learn how to build Paint By Text?
Where can I find the GitHub repository of Paint By Text?
What is the value of Paint By Text for photographers?
What transformational effects can be achieved with Paint By Text?
Who is the ideal user for Paint By Text?
How can I improve the results I get with Paint By Text?
What platforms host Paint By Text?
Is Paint By Text primarily a demonstration software or can it be used for professional photo editing?
How does Paint By Text combine creative expression and AI technology?

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