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Creation of customized avatars from personal images.
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Pandora Avatars is an AI Avatar Generator that enables users to unleash their creativity by creating custom avatars. This tool is powered by the NextRoll platform, which uses cookies and other technologies to store and access data on a device.

Pandora Avatars allows for personalisation of content and offers a variety of avatar styles to choose from. Users can upload 15-30 images of themselves, their friends, pets or anime characters, with different facial expressions, eye contacts and angles of their face.

Image sizes must be no less than 512x512px and file formats accepted are JPG, PNG and WEBP. There are also guidelines to follow for good photo examples, such as no sunglasses, no holding things near the face, no naked photos and no group photos.

Once the user has uploaded the images, they are able to purchase the avatar for $10.99-$29. Furthermore, the tool also provides a free version of the AI Avatar Generator, enabling users to access free avatars.


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Aug 13, 2023
I followed the link to Pandora Avatars and went to the pricing page; it costs $499.00 monthly or we can pay $6,000 for an annual subscription! Who would buy and use this program? Maybe your vetting team should take another look.

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Pandora Avatars was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customized avatars creation
Uses personal images
Variety of avatar styles
Upload 15-30 images
Supports different facial expressions
Accepts JPG, PNG, WEBP
Good photo guidelines
Free version available
Affordable avatar purchasing
High-quality avatars
Various angles of face
Image size >= 512x512px
Unlimited use purchase
Different locations, backgrounds permitted
Permissions for pet avatars
Permission for anime character avatars
Excludes group photos
Excludes same settings, backgrounds
No sunglasses in photos
No objects held near face
Excludes naked photos


Requires 15-30 images
Images specific size (512x512px minimum)
Limited file formats (JPG, PNG, WEBP)
Strict photo guidelines
No support for group photos
Usage of cookies
Data stored on device
Expensive ($10.99-$29)
No API availability
No obvious custom features

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