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Produces human-like voiceovers for localized videos.
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Papercup is a powerful AI dubbing and video translation software that enables users to localize their videos into multiple languages with a human-sounding voiceover at scale.

It utilizes an award-winning AI system, which transcribes, translates, and creates human-sounding voiceover quickly and cost-effectively. The quality of the voiceover is assured through a team of QAs who check and make any necessary adjustments.

The software is tailored for various industries, such as media companies, enterprises, e-learning, content creators and more. Additionally, Papercup offers a range of add-on services, such as distribution, captions and subtitles, and broadcast quality editing.

It also provides a range of resources, such as case studies and customer stories, guides and research reports, and a blog to read the market trend.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-language video localization
Automated transcription, translation, dubbing
Human-like voiceover
Large scale operations
Quality assurance by professionals
Tailored for various industries
Additional services like distribution
Captions and subtitles offer
Broadcast quality video editing
Includes research reports, guides
Targeting different content types
Quick turnaround time
Cost-effective video localization
Supports e-learning courses
Supports corporate communication
Supports customer training videos
Supports employee training videos
Enables marketing video localization
Supports entertainment video localization
End-to-end subtitle package


Requires manual QA step
No API mentioned
No pricing information available
Presumably English only
Limited sectors served
No desktop application
No open-source availability


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What types of resources does Papercup provide for understanding the industry better?
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Can I use Papercup for my entertainment content?
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What languages can I translate my videos into using Papercup?

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