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Legal research and summary assistant.
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Paralegal AI is a legal research and summarization tool that is powered by AI technology. It is designed to help users quickly answer legal questions by parsing the query and delivering a tailored response.

The AI model behind the tool scans the web and case texts to identify the relevant key words, and then uses pattern matching to create a summary of the relevant information.

Paralegal AI is free to use at present, but users may be able to pay for additional services and features in the future. The tool is still in its early stages of development, so the accuracy of the results is not perfect, but it is designed to provide a fast, reliable source of legal information.


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Paralegal AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Quick legal advice
Tailored responses
Scans web and case texts
Pattern matches for summarization
Prepare for additional services
Search by question
Summarize accurately / Quick
Version 0.0.1


Early development stage
Imperfect accuracy
Limited additional services
No information about data privacy
May require future payments
Free but limited features
No version updates information
Dependent on JavaScript
Search function limitations
Limited query parsing


What is Paralegal AI?
How does Paralegal AI work?
Is Paralegal AI accurate?
What are the main features of Paralegal AI?
Where does Paralegal AI get its information?
Does Paralegal AI charge for its services?
How can I use Paralegal AI?
Is Paralegal AI reliable for legal advice?
Can Paralegal AI provide summaries of case studies?
What's the current version of Paralegal AI?
Does Paralegal AI require JavaScript to run?
What enhancements can we expect in Paralegal AI's further versions?
Can Paralegal AI help with legal research?
Are the answers provided by Paralegal AI tailored to my question?
Is the information provided by Paralegal AI up to date?
Can I get detailed answers to my questions using Paralegal AI?
What limitations does Paralegal AI have?
Can I make a payment for additional services on Paralegal AI?
How is AI technology leveraged in Paralegal AI?
How quick is the response time of Paralegal AI?

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