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Text rewriting and composition.
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Paraphrase Tool is a powerful AI-based tool that helps users to rewrite text in more than 100+ languages with 18 different modes (12 free and 6 premium).

It provides tools such as a paraphraser, a composer, a plagiarism checker, and a summarizer. The tool is capable of rephrasing sentences, paragraphs, and essays, checking grammar and eliminating plagiarism.

It also allows users to compose texts from keywords and to generate paragraphs from keywords instantly for articles, cover letters, essays, and more. The tool is designed to provide users with the best words to match their expressions.

In addition, the tool also provides a free plagiarism checker for over 50 languages, allowing users to ensure that their text is unique and free of plagiarism.

All results appear in a matter of seconds, making the tool an efficient and cost-effective option for all of one's writing needs.


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May 30, 2023
I just joined the website, hope it would be a worthy experience

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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ languages
18 operating modes
Integrated plagiarism checker
Grammar check feature
Real-time paraphrasing
Supports paragraphs and essays
Text summarization feature
Generates text from keywords
Optimized for expressions
Fast results
Web-based tool
Free trial available
Compose texts from keywords
Generates paragraphs from keywords
Provides best word matches
Real-time plagiarism checking
Checks over 50 languages
Capable of rephrasing sentences
User-friendly interface
Superior functionality
Integrated composer
Wide range of styles
Checks Grammatical errors
Extremely efficient
Automatically detects language
Instant text rewriting
Respects original tone and style
Multiple usage categories (articles, essays, etc.)
Rephrases without losing context
High review ratings
Includes both free and premium modes
User-specific expression matching
Effectively eliminates plagiarism
Significantly speeds up writing
Handles large text quantities
Offers great value and variety
Sentence shortening feature
Text simplification mode
High paraphrasing accuracy
Produces context-aware paraphrasing


Limited free modes
No offline functionality
Limited to 3000 characters
Requires internet connectivity
6 premium modes
No mobile application
No customizable settings
No multilingual support
Free trial limitations
Lack of user interface customization


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Is there a character limit when using Paraphraser?
Can Paraphraser generate texts from keywords?
Does Paraphraser also check for grammar errors?
Do I need to sign in to use Paraphraser?
Can I share my paraphrased texts directly from Paraphraser?
Does Paraphraser offer a free trial?
How does Paraphraser's AI produce variations of text?
What is the 'standard mode' in Paraphraser?
Can Paraphraser help in composing cover letters?
Is there a difference between the free and premium modes in Paraphraser?
How does Paraphraser guarantee the uniqueness of the paraphrased text?
Does Paraphraser offer any other services besides paraphrasing?
Can Paraphraser generate paragraphs instantly for articles?
Does Paraphraser's plagiarism checker support 50+ languages?

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