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Transform your photos into AI-produced art.
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Partly is an AI-based tool that facilitates the transformation of user photos into unique art pieces. Using advanced AI techniques, it modifies and elevates ordinary photos into digital artworks.

Initially designed and made in Sweden, it has crafted thousands of artworks and has a significant gallery of featured work, demonstrating its proficiency and wide usage.

Beyond just applying visual filters, Partly seems to leverage more sophisticated AI operations to create artworks which are a combination of user inputs and AI generation.

Partly also entertains art commissions, suggesting a level of customization beyond automatic transformations. Another notable aspect of this tool is its pronounced focus on digital privacy and security, adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It follows secure payment protocols and ensures user data encryption. However, the exact specifics of its operational process are not spelled out, invoking curiosity about how it generates magical art from user photos.


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Partly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms photos into artworks
Over 200 unique artworks
Personalizes artworks from photos
Introduction offer available
Secure platform
GDPR Compliant
Data Encryption
Developed in Sweden
Operational process is mystery
Accepts art commissions
Secure Payment Method
Features additional galleries
Offers personalized posters
Transforms multiple photos simultaneously
Pronounced privacy focus
Wide usage instances
Thousands of crafted artworks
Accessible digital art creation
Ensured digital privacy
Proficient artwork generation
Significant featured work gallery
Data protected by policies


No clarity on operational process
Limited to portrait photos
High original price
Limited time offer
Oversimplified user interface
Requires multiple photo uploads
Non-transparent commission procedure
Lack of free trial
Limited customization options
No mobile app


What is Partly?
How does Partly transform my photos into artworks?
What are the requirements for uploading photos to Partly?
How many artworks can Partly generate from my uploaded photos?
What is the cost of using Partly's services?
What does the introductory offer for Partly include?
When does the Partly introductory offer end?
What are the featured galleries on Partly?
When will the personalized posters be available on Partly?
How does Partly ensure data privacy and security?
What is GDPR and how is Partly compliant?
Who is the provider of the Partly service?
What do I need to know about the origin of Partly?
What does 'Mystery Operational Process' mean in the context of Partly?
How is the payment process secured on Partly?
What is the level of customization available in Partly?
Can I commission an artwork on Partly?
What types of digital filters does Partly use?
How does Partly ensure data encryption?
What is the main difference between Partly's process and simply applying a visual filter?

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