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Comprehensive patent and innovation database for effective searches.
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Patsnap is a patent and innovation database with a global reach. The tool is designed to provide users with a comprehensive, intuitive platform for conducting patent searches.

This resource is developed to assist Intellectual Property (IP) and Research & Development (R&D) teams in their work, fostering collaboration and enabling the analysis of the competitive landscape.

The user can quickly explore technical solutions and understand innovation opportunities, run a prior art search, review and generate IP submissions, and monitor competitors' technological progress using this tool.

To facilitate IP protection, Patsnap deploys AI-powered search and analysis capabilities, simplifying the review of complex patents, file histories, and claim changes.

The tool also facilitates IP portfolio optimization via collaborative workspaces using its custom fields. Moreover, Patsnap uses proprietary AI for automatic generation of keywords and decoding technical patent information, aiding users in understanding the technology inherent in a patent and discovering similar technologies, citations, images, etc.

with their precise references. It also has an intuitive workspace to help speed up collaborations offering features such as comments, tagging, and automated notifications.

Patsnap is used by a wide range of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and prioritizes data confidentiality in its operations.


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Pros and Cons


Global patent database
Comprehensive search platform
Assist IP & R&D teams
Competitive landscape analysis
Quickly explore technical solutions
Facilitates patent reviews
Monitor competitors' technology
Simplifies complex patent review
IP portfolio optimization
Collaborative workspaces with custom fields
Automatic keyword generation
Decodes technical patent information
Discover similar technologies
Precise citations and references
Intuitive collaboration workspace
Comments, tagging, automated notifications
Used by diverse organizations
Prioritizes data confidentiality
Optimization of IP portfolio
Auto-generated keywords
Patent and literature search
Results in competitive advantage
Allows tagging and categorizing patents
Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, CPDA
Access to 180+ million patents
Access to 130+ million literature
Coverage in 170 jurisdictions
ISO 27001 certification


Limited customization options
No support for other languages
No API for integration
No offline usage
Issues in real-time collaboration
No mention of mobile compatibility
Limited search customization
No indication of frequent updates
May not scale well for large enterprises


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What are the collaboration features offered by Patsnap?
Can Patsnap be used for IP portfolio optimization?
What is Patsnap's 'Keyword Helper'?
How does Patsnap assist with decoding technical patent information?
How does Patsnap's workspace facilitate collaborations?
What are Patsnap's automated notifications about?
What kind of organizations use Patsnap?
How does Patsnap prioritize data confidentiality?
Can Patsnap help with IP submissions?
Does Patsnap offer services to monitor competitors' technological progress?
How does Patsnap use AI to generate keywords?
What are some of the AI functionalities of Patsnap?
What is the process to book a demo for Patsnap?
How does Patsnap facilitate understanding the technology inherent in a patent?

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