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PeakGPT is a browser extension that utilizes ChatGPT's power to provide users with a floating conversation tool that can be used on all websites. The tool offers a fast and efficient way to obtain answers to queries quickly.

PeakGPT advertises several features that make it a valuable tool in online workspaces, social media, advertising and beyond. It offers data transfer capabilities, shortcut prompts, conversation history, easy prompt import, quick content embedding, and smart summarization, among other functions.

The tool can be used to create more compelling product titles and descriptions by inputting product tags and features, enabling the algorithm to generate more attractive and professional placements.

It can also help advertisers create ad copy by specifying the target audience's characteristics, making it more effective for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others without exceeding their budget.

Additionally, the PeakGPT AI tool uses advanced algorithms and a vast database of formulas and codes that help users tackle complex problems in Google Sheets by understanding natural language queries and generating the appropriate formula or code.PeakGPT has received positive feedback from users worldwide, who praise it for its time-saving capabilities, prompt shortcuts, and overall increased productivity.

Users, such as researchers, content creators, and marketing specialists, have found the tool indispensable in their daily work. The tool has developed by CEO BEE and can be reached at [email protected].


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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Works on all websites
Fast query answers
Data transfer capabilities
Shortcut prompts
Conversation history recording
Easy prompt import
Quick content embedding
Smart summarization
Compelling product title creation
Efficient ad copy generation
Complex Google Sheets problem tackling
Usage in online workspaces
Usage on social media
Usage in advertising
Improves productivity
Highly praised by users
Effective for small businesses
Effective for entrepreneurs
Time-saving capabilities
Advanced algorithms
Vast formula and code database
Captivating product description creation
Copy-paste replacement
30X faster
Embedding result to all inputs
Highly efficient
Flexible assistance
Positive global user feedback
Professional product placements
Sales increase potential
Budget-friendly advertising
Helpful for researchers
Helpful for content creators
Helpful for marketing specialists
Effective for target audience specification
Helpful for advertisers
Easy-to-use selection tool
Supports natural language queries
Processing of complex queries
Helpful for tackling complex problems
Supports vast database of formulas and codes
Boosts workplace productivity
Enhances content quality
Time-saving content creation
Revolutionizes publishing content
Promotes marketing productivity
Supports input on any page


Limited to browser environment
Not standalone software
No voice recognition
No mobile version
Requires constant internet connection
Requires account setup
No multi-language support
No offline mode
Ads creation may lack uniqueness
Product description lacks customization


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How does PeakGPT assist with advertising copy?
How does PeakGPT interact with Google Sheets?
What is the user feedback on PeakGPT?
Who finds PeakGPT essential for their daily work?
How does the smart summarization feature of PeakGPT work?
How can PeakGPT increase the efficiency and speed of my online work?
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How does PeakGPT enable quick content embedding?
What is the role of advanced algorithms and vast database in PeakGPT?
How does PeakGPT assist in solving complex problems in Google Sheets?
How does PeakGPT help small businesses and entrepreneurs in advertising?
How do I install or add PeakGPT to my browser?
Can I register or sign up for PeakGPT services?

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