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Video editing and management for marketing teams.
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Peech is a revolutionary video editing and management platform that simplifies the process of creating, transcribing, optimizing and publishing digital content.

It is the first generative AI-based platform designed specifically for marketing teams. Peech's natural language processing (NLP) technology empowers users to generate unlimited high-quality and engaging videos without needing years of experience in editing, graphic design or other video production skills.

The platform allows users to manage content in a smart library, easily edit video content like a document, auto-generate subtitles with highlighted keywords, calibrate the automatic editing to fit their brand, and embed music to deliver the content message.

Peech also repurposes video footage and localizes content to different audiences, fits the aspect ratio to different social media channels, summarizes content to catch the audience's eye and translates videos to different languages.

Users can save resources by turning one video into a goldmine of content and produce professionally edited and branded videos with customizable design elements.

Peech is ideal for any marketing team that wants an automatic expert to create their video content without additional resources or budget. With Peech, teams can collaborate and communicate more effectively and scale their success with one click.

PEECH was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for marketing teams
Uses NLP technology
Unlimited high-quality video generation
Smart content library
Video editing like documents
Auto-generate subtitles
Highlights keywords in subtitles
Calibrate automatic editing features
Allows music embedment
Repurposes video footage
Localizes content for audiences
Fits different social media aspect ratios
Summarizes content
Translates videos to different languages
Transforms one video into multiple content
Branded videos with customizable designs
Collaboration and communication features
One click success scaling
Inspiration, trends, and benchmark explorer
A/B testing video versions
Automatic visual elements generation
Professional ready-to-publish videos
Optimizes videos for marketing goals
Saves resources
Automatic editing process calibration


No offline functionality
Limited to marketing teams
Incompatibility with certain video formats
No mobile app available
Dependence on Internet speed
Lack of advanced editing options
No out-of-box integration with popular CRM
No user access control
Lack of transcription accuracy
Fit issues with aspect ratios


What is Peech?
How does Peech assist marketing teams with video content creation?
What is the Natural Language Processing technology in Peech?
Can Peech generate subtitles automatically?
Is it possible to adjust the automatic editing to fit my brand in Peech?
Does Peech offer a feature to embed music into the videos?
How does Peech help to manage content in the smart library?
Can Peech translate videos to different languages?
Does Peech allow users to edit video content like a document?
How does Peech localize content to different audiences?
What is the process to summarize content in Peech?
Can Peech adjust the aspect ratio for different social media channels?
Is there a feature in Peech for collaboration and communication amongst the team?
Does Peech provide customizable design elements for branding videos?
How does Peech repurpose video footage?
Does Peech work with any type of video or only specific formats?
Can I generate a huge number of videos through Peech?
Does Peech offer a free trial?
Do I need any special skills to use Peech?
Can Peech be used to produce videos for A/B testing?


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