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Penelope AI is a markdown editor with AI features designed to help users write more efficiently. It offers auto-completing, paraphrasing, summarizing, and story-generating functions that can be used in a variety of writing contexts, from creating a thesis to composing emails, blog posts, and tweets.

The auto-complete feature allows users to seamlessly continue their stories by automatically generating the next sentence based on the existing sentence.

The paraphrasing feature helps users to find and tweak a wow text, whilst the summarizing feature quickly and accurately summarizes texts in just a second.

Finally, the story-generating feature creates a unique story by inputting just a few key words. Penelope AI is free to use, and allows users to write with their writing buddy right next to them at all times.


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Pros and Cons


Markdown editor
Offers auto-completion
Features paraphrasing
Provides summarizing function
Includes story-generating feature
Versatile writing contexts
Seamless writing experience
Tweaks wow texts
Generates unique stories
Free to use
Helpful for thesis writing
Aids in email drafting
Assists in blog posts
Useful for tweet composition
Considered as writing buddy
Boosts writing speed
Changes email wordings
Phrases like native speaker
Rephrase words functionality


Limited to markdown editing
No multilingual support
No integration with other platforms
Lacks an offline mode
No collaborative features
No version control
Unsuitable for longform writing
No template library
No autosave feature
No speech to text feature


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Is it free to use Penelope AI?
Can I use Penelope AI to write blog posts?
How can Penelope AI improve my tweets?
Can Penelope AI speed up my writing process?
What is Penelope AI's 'writing buddy' feature?
How does Penelope AI's paraphrase function work?
Can Penelope AI help me find a 'wow text'?
Can Penelope AI help me create a unique story?
How do I sign up for Penelope AI?
What use cases does Penelope AI boost?
Can I start writing immediately after logging into Penelope AI?

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