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Automated revenue intelligence and management platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that automates manual data entry and provides actionable insights across management tools. It can unify and enrich all revenue activity, identify key personas in each account, and provide total visibility into deals and pipelines.

By helping sales teams take the right actions at the right time with the right people, can increase revenue per rep, accelerate pipeline, maximize expansion within accounts, and increase win rates.

It can also help identify dormant and soft pipelines, and find real indicators of trouble. is trusted by big-time companies to bring in big-time revenue, and has been credited with closing $131 billion in deals and increasing activities across customers by 49%.

The platform can also automatically create and maintain 140 million contacts, and provide teams with the ability to focus on building pipeline and closing deals.


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Pros and Cons


Automates manual data entry
Provides actionable insights
Unifies and enriches revenue activity
Identifies key personas
Provides total visibility into deals
Increases revenue per rep
Accelerates pipeline
Maximizes account expansion
Increases win rates
Identifies dormant and soft pipelines
Excellent track record in deals
Automatically creates and maintains contacts
Enables focus on building pipeline
Automated activity capture
Anywhere access
Efficient account management
Effective pipeline inspection
Pipeline updates
Improves Salesforce hygiene
Offers professional services
Efficient solutions for different teams
Industry-specific solutions
Effective for high tech sector
Effective for life sciences sector
Effective for manufacturing sector
Effective for telecommunications sector
Connectivity between buyer engagement and seller performance
Guides teams to take right actions
Increases win rate and deal size
Visible engagement level
Aids in identifying right stakeholders
Saves deals that aren’t progressing
Speeds up sales cycle
Highly trusted by big companies


No customizability options
Limited integrations
Lacks offline capabilities
No multi-language support
No predictions for underperforming deals
No user history tracking
Doesn't support all CRM systems
Lacks personalized reporting
Limited customer profiling
Doesn't offer free trial


What is
What features does the Data Platform offer?
How does automate manual data entry?
What insights can provide for sales teams?
How does help in identifying key accounts and personas?
What benefits come from using's Account Management product?
How does aid in managing deals and pipelines?
How can increase revenue per sales rep?
What functionalities are included in the PeopleGlass product of
What is the role of in accelerating pipelines?
How does help maximize expansion within accounts?
How does identify potential pipeline troubles?
How many contacts can automatically create and maintain?
How does monitor leads for marketing departments?
How does integrate with existing management tools in a company?
What impact does using have on sales activities across customers?
How does help in managing pipelines in a Salesforce environment?
What professional services does provide to help increase return on investment?
How can help increase sales productivity?
How does contribute in boosting win rates in sales?

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