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Conversational learning with historical figures.
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PeopleAI is an AI chatbot technology that enables users to converse with and learn from some of the most influential and significant figures in human history.

It features one-to-one conversations with over 30 iconic historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Users can also join PeopleAI in expanding its library by submitting information about notable figures from the past. PeopleAI is powered by ChatBotKit, a chatbot development platform that enables users to easily create, deploy, and manage AI chatbots.

With PeopleAI, users can experience history like never before, enabling them to explore and interact with the past in a unique and engaging way.


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PeopleAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-to-one conversations
30+ historical figures
Expansive library
User-contributed extensions
ChatBotKit powered
Interactive learning
Notable figures
Chatbot development platform
Easy creation, deployment, management
Exploratory interaction
Unique engaging approach
Real-life historical interactions
User-driven expansion
Historical figure submission
Immersive history learning
Collaborative library growth
User-friendly interface
Customizable learning experience
Historical figure chatbot
Made with ChatBotKit
Experience history anew


Limited variety of historical figures
Dependent on ChatBotKit
Requires submissions to expand
No language translation capability
Can't customize dialogues
No multi-user conversations
Lacks realtime user analytics
Cannot export chat transcripts
No offline functionality
May not update frequently


What is PeopleAI?
Who are some of the historical figures I can interact with on PeopleAI?
How does PeopleAI work?
Is PeopleAI free to use?
Can I suggest historical figures to add to PeopleAI?
What is ChatBotKit and how is it related to PeopleAI?
How can PeopleAI assist in learning history?
Is there a limit to the number of times I can converse with a historical figure on PeopleAI?
Will PeopleAI be updated with more historical figures in the future?
How accurate are the responses from the historical figures on PeopleAI?
Can I use PeopleAI on any device?
Where can I get technical support for PeopleAI?
What are the system requirements to run PeopleAI?
Is my data secure while using PeopleAI?
Can I submit my information as a historical figure?
Can students use PeopleAI for their projects or learning?
How often is PeopleAI updated?
Can I use PeopleAI offline?
I can't find a historical figure I am interested in, what should I do?
Are there any known issues with PeopleAI that I should be aware of?


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