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Percept Insight by Raptorise, is an intelligent platform powered by AI to revolutionize user analytics. Its key features include advanced visualizations for ad-hoc insights, user journey identification, cohort creation, interaction analysis and user engagement.

It serves as a comprehensive solution providing an all-in-one product experience. It includes a dashboard for building reports and sharing across teams, and an engagement module that creates campaigns based on user cohorts and actions.

Insights module provides an impactful way to analyze user interactions over time and on different dimensions. The tool also assists in identifying user navigation paths and optimizing them, pinpointing where users leave and why, and understanding and optimizing product performance.

It also allows customer segmentation based on behavior, demographics, or location for tailored marketing and communication strategies. The tool is designed for easy use by everyone, yet provides deep analytical capabilities for experts.

The simplicity of the tool and the depth of its data insights have earned it testimonies from users claiming significant enhancement to their products and reductions in SaaS analytics costs.

It offers different plans tailored to event limits and customer needs, including Base, Pro and Enterprise plan.


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Pros and Cons


Advanced visualization
Ad-hoc insights
User journey identification
Cohort creation
Interaction analysis
User engagement tracking
Comprehensive all-in-one tool
Dashboard for reports building
Sharing reports across teams
Creating campaigns based on cohorts
Analyzing user interactions over time
Analyzing user interactions across dimensions
User navigation paths identification
Navigation paths optimization
Identifies where users leave
Understanding product performance
Product performance optimization
Customer segmentation
Tailored marketing strategies
Tailored communication strategies
Usable by everyone
Deep analytical capabilities for experts
SaaS analytics cost reduction
Different tailored plans
Base, Pro and Enterprise plans
Supports up to 5 million events
Customizable pricing plan
Engagement module direct interaction
Funnel drop off analysis
Behaviour-based segmentation
Demographics-based segmentation
Location-based segmentation
Specific user groups personalization
Clear user journey view
Integrated user conversion breakdown
User interactions drill down
Combine metrics
Overlay functions
Customer success manager assistance
Tailored email, SMS, push notifications
Real-time engagement
Testimonies from users
Emerging trends analysis
Inventory optimization
Last mile delivery action
Reduction of returned rates
Full access to reporting setups
Full access to report privacy controls
Support for interaction & anomaly detection
Customer-defined query and visualizations
High data consumption cost reduction
Product development and marketing assistance
User retention improvement
User behavior in-depth understanding


Plan limited by event counts
Segmentation feature lacking specificity
Pricing model complexity
Limited interaction & anomaly detection
No explicit data security features
Support limited to email
No mobile app support mentioned
Lack of API integration
Limited customizability of dashboards
Higher plans needed for Governance


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