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Optimized Amazon listings.
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Perci is an AI tool designed specifically for Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings. By generating SEO-optimized Amazon listings, Perci helps sellers improve their ranking and sales performance.

Unlike general AI tools such as ChatGPT, Perci is trained specifically for Amazon listings, allowing it to avoid common mistakes made in this context.One key feature of Perci is its ability to automatically integrate keywords into listings, which helps with ranking and driving traffic.

Sellers can also use Perci's AI-powered keyword strategy to identify the most relevant and effective keywords for their products. Furthermore, Perci's AI technology can detect over 300 restricted phrases, preventing investigations or listing takedowns by Amazon.The tool offers easy-to-use features for creating, optimizing, and updating Amazon listings.

It provides advanced AI software specifically built to generate optimized listings. Additionally, sellers can optimize their existing listings to improve SEO coverage, increase traffic, and boost sales.Perci has gained the trust of brands, agencies, and sellers in the Amazon marketplace.

Users have praised its efficiency in creating professional listings quickly, eliminating the need for manual copywriting. By utilizing Perci's AI capabilities, sellers can save time and achieve 10x less cost compared to hiring a copywriter.Perci offers different pricing plans with varying listing limits per month, as well as a money-back guarantee and unused credit rolling forward to the next month.

The tool is recommended by users who have found it instrumental in streamlining their content process and making their Amazon listing optimization efforts easier.


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