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Empowering businesses to make Smarter Decisions
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Perdopo AI is a B2B knowledgebase tool aimed at empowering businesses to make smarter decisions. The tool centralizes and streamlines knowledge management within organizations by enabling quick information sharing.

Users can upload various types of text files such as pdf, doc, csv, txt, eml which the tool archives for future reference. This eliminates the need for manual organization while also serving as an intelligent retrieval system.

Each time a team member inquires about a document, they receive relevant information instantly, fostering a connected and efficient workflow. Perdopo AI also supports multi-file querying, where it can search through a multitude of files to answer user queries.

Decision-making is further facilitated by Perdopo AI's ability to provide clear summaries and insights from archived files. To uphold privacy and security, it offers customizable access controls which allow users to manage file visibility to ensure that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information.

Despite its prompt responding capability, it maintains user consent as paramount and adheres to guidelines mentioned in the privacy and cookie policies for data collection and use.

It is a product of Epilogo SRL.


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Pros and Cons


Centralizes knowledge management
Quick information sharing
Multi-file type support
Document archiving functionality
Intelligent retrieval system
Instant response to inquiries
Fosters efficient workflow
Multi-file querying support
Summarizes and provides insights
Customizable access controls
Upholds privacy and security
User consent paramount
Adherence to privacy policies
Facilitates smarter decision-making


No video file support
No audio file support
Limited file format support
Not fully automated
No real-time collaboration
No mobile version
Lacks advanced search features
Depends on email communication
No offline access
No machine learning model customization


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Does Perdopo AI adhere to privacy and cookie policies?
Can only authorized personnel view sensitive information in Perdopo AI?

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