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Centralized research and personas for decision-making.
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Personai is a conversational user persona tool designed for enterprise-wide use. It enables users to bring their user personas to life by centralizing user research in one place and allowing everyone to chat with them.

By gathering all user research in a single platform, Personai enables easy access to information, including direct interaction with customers.One key feature of Personai is its ability to organize and store all user research data, ensuring that stakeholders have access to the same insights.

By transforming user research files into chat-like conversations, the tool facilitates alignment and collaboration among team members across the organization.The platform brings data-driven insights, such as user behaviors, preferences, and needs, into personas, providing valuable information for decision-making processes.

It aims to reduce the time needed to find, read, and share user insights, making it easier to leverage the knowledge gained from user research.Personai also addresses the limitations of traditional static personas by introducing dynamic personas that evolve in real-time.

This ensures that personas accurately reflect the ever-changing nature of user preferences and behaviors, providing a more realistic representation of the target audience.Overall, Personai is a comprehensive tool that centralizes user research, facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, and enables dynamic and interactive user personas for informed decision-making within an enterprise-wide context.


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