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Create your own AI pet photos.
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Pet Booth is an AI tool that allows users to generate unique, creative images of their pets. By uploading 10-20 photos of the pet, the user can receive up to 100 new photos with the selected themes.

The tool provides over 80 theme options, including holiday-related backgrounds, different landscape settings, as well as professional roles such as a police officer or chef.

After the photos are uploaded, the AI tool processes the images and creates new ones within 30 minutes. The resulting images consist of both photorealistic and artistic simulations.

Quality and variety of input photos are of paramount importance as they affect the end result. The tool seeks a balance between high quality and diversity of backgrounds and poses.

User-friendly, fast and fun, Pet Booth makes it easy for pet owners to personalize and enhance their pet pictures.


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Pros and Cons


Generates up to 100 images
Accepts 10-20 input photos
Over 80 theme options
Quick 30-minute processing time
Results in photorealistic images
Results in artistic simulations
Variety of input affects result
Seeks quality-diversity balance
User-friendly interface
Supports pet personalization
Supports pet image enhancement
Photo-realistic and fun output
Successful with mixed backgrounds
Successful with varied poses
Ensures privacy
Supports cats and dogs
Generates 2048x2048 resolution photos
Generates holiday-themed images
Generates occupation-themed images
Email notification on completion
Holiday sale discounts
Supports JPG and PNG
Photos deleted after processing
Includes photo upload guidelines
Available customer support
Canvas print offering


Limited to cats and dogs
Quality depends on input variety
Requires 10-20 photos
30 minute processing time
Refunds not usually offered
No support for other file types
Only supports JPG and PNG
Email required for results
Privacy concerns on data deletion
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