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Auto-colorized sketches.
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Petalica Paint is an AI-powered automatic colorization tool developed by Preferred Networks. It offers users a range of features to simplify and refine the strokes of their rough sketches, as well as add color hints to influence the colorization.

Three colorization styles ("Tanpopo", "Satsuki" and "Canna") are available, and users can experience Petalica Paint within Pixiv Sketch. Petalica Paint is part of a suite of products and services that also includes SketchSimplification, a tool that enables users to extract and refine the strokes of their sketches.

It is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which must be agreed upon prior to using the tool.


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May 21, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Simplifies and refines strokes
Add color hints feature
Provides three colorization styles
Can be used within Pixiv Sketch
Includes SketchSimplification tool
Handles sketch image upload
Accommodates commercial use
Added painting style 'Canna'
Good at shading and lighting
Extracts and refines sketch strokes


Limited three colorization styles
Only available within Pixiv Sketch
Bound by terms of service
Privacy policy agreement needed
Not standalone, part of suite
Operator change may affect service
Not good for non-artists


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